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We are located in the country of Suriname which is located on the northern most part of South America.  Here we have an extreme tropical climate, as most areas of South America, so kiln drying would really be extremely hard if at possible to have a proper finished product.  We are only processing green rough cut lumber here.

We realize that other companies throughout South America are providing kiln service, but in our mind this process is undermined the minute the wood comes out and is sent to the port for shipment, as the humidity will again absorb in the boards.  We look to add this service and additional milling service in the future from a US location.

Rough Cut Lumber

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This is an example of some rough cut lumber used directly in a gazebo build.  This wood will stand the test of time and weather beautifully for decades without being chemically treated in any way.  Wood species come in a variety of naturally beautiful colors and varying grain patterns.

Most of the tropical species are naturally resistant to insects, mold, rot and decay, water and marine borers.  Our Hardwoods are extremely hard and durable with some species lasting over 50 years untreated in the water or ground contact.

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We handle shipping on our barge down river to the port of Suriname or other landings in Suriname.  All products from logs to squares, cants, poles, slabs or boards can be purchased locally or delivered worldwide using sea freight, truck transport or any other means and by Inco shipping terms. Payments and Contracts from sales are handled through our US Company Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC.

We can arrange shipping and insurance for you to your destination globally or you may handle this directly.  All costs and terms will be understood before moving forward with any contract or sale.  We believe in continued relationships and this is by ensuring every transaction is handled with attention to detail and customer satisfaction before, during and after.